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The Week in Sleep

While you were busy catching some zzz’s, we caught these sleep stories. Here’s everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend.


Win Casper’s Holiday Hangover Helper

Casper’s here to help. From Monday 12/15 to Friday 12/19, we’re supplying New York’s worst company holiday party hangovers with a generous supply of 50 egg sandwiches, orange juices, and coffees. We can’t help you get back in bed, but we can help cure a bad hangover.


Caribbean Dreaming

Beat the cold this winter with a Caribbean getaway from FlatRate Moving! Open the window. Go on, we’ll wait. Now tell us… Does your arm now have frostbite? Are your co-workers screaming at you? Is your face numb? If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re probably already sick of winter. And (cue


Yoga in Bed

You don’t need to go to trek to the gym to get your yoga fix. Stretch your muscles and soothe your soul in the comfort of your own home — right on your bed! We reached out to some of our fittest friends for their favorite Casper yoga poses, whether they’re waking up or settling down.


Own Your Bed Head

Sleeping through your alarm is bad enough. Add in an early meeting, a mild hangover, and an ugly case of bed head, and you have a recipe for daylight disaster. While we can’t help you get to work on time, we reached out to some awesome style and beauty bloggers for bed head tips.