A Sleep to Remember

Your dreams are just a series of phone numbers you decided not to write down. Thank god your entorhinal cortex was there to mediate the information.


The Early Bird Gets … Stupid?

Generally speaking, one in ten people is a morning lark. Early to bed, early to rise, these people are way too happy in the morning. Two in ten are night owls: those who enjoy staying up late and then have to rush to work in the morning because they overslept. The rest of us fall

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Blame the Brain: Elderly Insomnia

An old study, from 2008, proved something that most people had probably already noticed from the occasional sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Old people sleep less than young people. That old study concluded that “the most parsimonious explanation for our results is that older people need less sleep.” Maybe those researchers shouldn’t have been

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Meet F.lux, the App of Our Dreams

Turns out that Timbuk 3 was sort of right when they told the world that the “future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.” But that was 1986. In 2014, you don’t have to wear shades; you should just download the app F.lux.