And The Award Goes To…

By Alyse Borkan  |  May 1, 2016
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Before Casper’s launch in 2014, the $14 billion mattress industry was flooded with endless choices at high costs, and corporations that spent multi-millions of dollars on advertising, store real estate, and terrible jingles.

Even with all that money spent, consumers were forced to purchase mattresses in stuffy, poorly lit showrooms and be pitched by commission-based salespeople. Mattress shopping was confusing, exhausting, and infuriating. The founders of Casper knew there was a better way.

On a shoestring startup budget, Casper decided to take the mattress corporations head on and prove there was a remarkably better way for consumers to purchase a good night’s sleep. We created a brand that offers consumers a premium sleep at an affordable price, and a team of former IDEO designers completely re-engineered the mattress.

We ditched the traditional showroom experience in favor of a simplified, direct-to-consumer e-commerce approach, and removed the commission-based middle-man to drastically slash the prices of the product. Less than 10% of mattress sales took place online before Casper’s launch, and Casper singlehandedly brought that idea into the mainstream.

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Casper’s one-mattress-fits-all was well-received from day one.  We made $1 million in the first 28 days and made $100 million in less than two years. Requests poured in to expand in new places with new products. We launched in Canada, came out with sheets and pillows, and are preparing to bring Casper to Europe this summer. With thousands of five star reviews, the Casper is coveted by your favorite celebrity, an internet sensation, and “the stuff of social media genius.” Everyone agrees — we’re the best in bed.

It’s no surprise the Casper mattress was named one of TIME’s Top 25 Inventions of 2015 and one of Fast Company Most Innovative Companies in the world. It has also won awards from Men’s Journal, Gear Patrol, and TechCrunch — and has been tried and loved by USA Today, HGTV, Refinery29, Gizmodo, and many more.

Try it for 100-nights, risk free. Sleep for yourself. If you don’t love it (we think you will), we’ll come pick it up via courier for donation or recycling, give you a full refund, and still stay BFFs. Bed friends forever.

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