Everything You Need to Upgrade Your Bedroom This Spring

By Katie Szymanski  |  Apr 16, 2017
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It’s that time of the year. The snow has melted away, birds chirp outside your window, and the “it’s too cold out to do anything” excuse doesn’t work as well as it used to. Goodbye hibernation season, hello pajama shorts. There’s no better way to start spring off on the right foot (of the bed) than by upgrading to the bedroom of your dreams.


Your mattress. Let’s be honest. You’re still sleeping on a childhood hand-me-down that you think came from your sibling’s friend’s parents, but you can’t be sure. Free tip: if your mattress is almost as old as you are (or older), it’s time for an upgrade.

Your sheets. With spring, comes warmer weather. If you’re used to waking up hot and sweaty, tossing and turning in the middle of the night, your sheets are most likely the culprit. And should be thrown out immediately.

Your pillow. Pancake, anyone? No… we’re not talking about your favorite breakfast go-to. Over time, most pillows will breakdown and flatten. If you’re not getting the support you deserve, it’s time to move on.


A Casper mattress. Our award-winning engineering team designed the Casper’s combinations of foams to sleep outrageously comfortable, always cool, minimize pressure points, and provide perfect anatomical support. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, you won’t feel like you’re sinking or sagging. The best part? You can try it at home for 100 nights… no springs attached. Just foam. If it doesn’t change your life (it will), we’ll come pick it up and give you a full refund.

The Casper sheets. The sheets make the bed. You can say goodbye to sweating and hello to sleeping cool and comfortable through the night. Our unique design is made possible by some of the best cotton fibers in the world. These long-stapled Supima fibers are woven in a way that takes three times longer than the industry standard, making them that much more breathable and durable. Did we mention the Casper sheets are the coolest?

The Casper pillow. Its unique pillow-in-pillow build perfectly balances comfort and support. Side sleeper? Stomach? Back? Starfish? The Casper pillow was meticulously researched and designed to sleep comfortable for all, regardless of sleeping positions. Together, each pillow contains nearly a billion fibers and will conform to your every move.

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