The Gift Graduates Want the Most

By Katie Szymanski  |  May 8, 2017
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Graduation season is finally here. Sleepy students turn in their books for a diploma and get ready for that next step. What can you possibly give a graduate to properly celebrate this once in a lifetime milestone? It’s easy to pull out the checkbook, but you can give graduates something they really want. Something they wish they could have had when they were studying at the library or out at the bar. Something they’ve spent the past 4 years dreaming about.

Ding ding ding. More sleep!

Make their dreams a reality with everything they need for their summer of snooze.

Everything the undergrad wants:

After countless hours in the library, the only thing on their mind is their next nap. The Casper pillow will make sure they are well-rested and sleep cool all summer long.

Their college covers have been through too many dinners in bed to count. It’s time for a fresh start. The Casper sheets are durable, breathable, and will always keep their first night feel.

Perfect for the the grad school scholar:

A new home means a new mattress. Right? There’s a 10/10 chance they are still snoozing on their hand-me-down from a family friend. If there’s any time to invest in their future, it’s now. The Casper mattress will be there through thick and thin sheets, good times and bedtimes. It is supportive, comforting, and will make sure they feel (and sleep) cool, day and night.

When they head out into the real world, they’ll need a solid foundation. No… really. The Casper foundation is strong, supportive, and is the easiest to assemble. It even ships in a compact box so moving is a breeze.

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