4 Ways to Make Your Bed a Home

By Alyse Borkan  |  Jun 26, 2014
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You’ve taken every step to making your bedroom a sanctuary. Your sheets are soft, your air is purified, and you’ve even gone as far to install black-out curtains. When everything is perfect, it’s hard to get out of bed. These innovative bedroom accessories elevate lounging to an art and help you get your best work done from home — so you’ll never have to.


51bd855cdbd0cb1fc50022fe._w.540_s.fit_1. Italian furniture design company Lamidea has created a bed-ready lap desk that destroys the bean-bag-filled plastic number you might remember from childhood roadtrips. With two levels–one for laptop and another for snacks, obviously–a cup-holder (!!!), and eye-catching design, you’ll be able to take your company’s work from home policy seriously from now on.



2. Imagine a “boyfriend” pillow that actually stays where you want it to. That’s the BedLounge. Originally developed by doctors so that watching TV and reading in bed wouldn’t damage patients’ backs, the BedLounge is fully adjustable and fully supportive. Go ahead, lean back.


3. Clearly, Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.44.46 PMno one loves waking up to a hot
caffeinated beverage more than the Brits because so far, they’re the only ones to have developed coffee and tea makers that double as alarm clocks (and also have majorly punny names). Let the Breville Wake Cup get you going with a hot cup of coffee. If you prefer tea, there’s the iconic Teasmade.



4. Keep your friends close and keep your cold beverages, cheeses, and ice cream closer. Haier’s teeny-tiny refrigerator is easy to hide and even easier to reach. Have breakfast in bed…and lunch, and dinner, and snacks and…you get the idea. Who said you can’t have your bed and eat in it too?

— Megan Branch

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