The Pillow Protips You Didn’t Know You Needed

By Alyse Borkan  |  Jul 18, 2016
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Your pillow has endured a lot with you: nightmares, break-ups, season finales, and pillow fights. It’s unconditionally supportive and never fails to comfort you.  

So, it’s time to return the favor. Keep your pillow perfect by following our four easy steps:


Fluffing is the major key to maintaining the perfect pillow. We recommend fluffing your pillow weekly or whenever it feels like it’s losing its oomph. Trust us, just a quick fluff will do the trick.

To properly fluff your pillow, hold opposite corners and push in and out diagonally. Repeat with the other two corners. No corner should go unfluffed.Pillow-Blog_Fluff

To keep your pillows fresh, we recommend washing them as the seasons change (every 3-6 months).

To properly wash your pillow, separate the inner and outer pillows and zip up the outer. Machine wash each layer (with the outer layer fully zipped) gently in cold water using a mild liquid detergent. Run the rinse cycle twice to remove all detergent residue, and tumble dry low with dryer or tennis balls.

Before removing and reassembling, make sure the pillows are completely dry. Reassemble the pillow, set your alarm, and go to sleep.Pillow-Blog_Bath3. WHISPER SWEET NOTHINGS TO IT

Remind your pillow how great it is by whispering words of encouragement. “You’re soo supportive.”Pillow-Blog_SweetNothing4. HUG IT

Show your pillow love, and give it a big hug. It’s a win-win for you and the pillow.Pillow-Blog_Hug

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