Skimm Sleep: Sleeping Positions

By Katie Szymanski  |  Mar 27, 2017
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theSkimm makes it easier to be smarter, and Casper makes it easier to get better sleep. So, theSkimm and Casper are partnering to make it easier to be smarter about your sleep.

Stomach? Back? Side? Starfish? How about… all-over-the-place sleepers? The truth is, no one really has just one sleeping position. You might get comfortable a specific way, but you actually move around more than you think while you’re deep in dreamland. Even if you consider yourself a stomach or back sleeper, 70% of people end up sleeping on their side at some point in the night. The positions most people fall asleep in are actually different than the ones they wake up in.

Our award-winning engineering team meticulously researched sleeping positions and designed the Casper mattress to be universally comfortable for all. After testing 100+ formulations of foam and developing 108 prototypes, they discovered an all-foam surface that sleeps outrageously cool and comfortable, and minimizes pressure points. The Casper pillow makes the perfect companion, thanks to its pillow-in-pillow design. Instead of a down filling, which can degrade, we use a resilient micro-fiber that is adaptable to your every move.

Ready to sleep for yourself? The Casper mattress ships straight to your door for free in a “how did they do that?” sized box. You can try it, along with the Casper pillow, in the comfort of your own home for 100 nights, hassle-free.  If you’re not sleeping soundly (we think you will), we’ll give a full refund. No springs attached.

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