12 Bedroom Gadgets We Wish Someone Would Invent

By Lottie Coltman  |  Aug 28, 2017
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Ok, we’ll be honest, we think the best spot in a house is the bed. Call us biased but it’s the comfiest place to snooze the day away, while binge eating and binge watching. And those are three of our favourite things to do.

But we couldn’t help but wonder what would make it even better… other than a Casper, of course…

We propose the following. Inventors take note!

  1. An under-sheet roomba. Programmed to move around your hungover body and collect the crumbs from that regrettable extra large pizza.
  2. Self-making sheets. Slipping into a freshly made bed is one of the best feelings in the world. But making your bed? Not so much…
  3. An alarm clock that dispenses coffee straight into your mouth. We know that there are alarm clocks that will make tea or coffee as soon as you wake up. But seriously guys, why stop there?! We want that caffeine in our mouths before our eyes are even open. Talk about a kick-start to the day.
  4. Puppy dispenser. Need we say more?
  5. Hangover maid. We’ve all been there. You wake up mouth drier than Sahara Desert and a creeping sense of dread. What you need is an “in case of emergency” hangover kit. The contents? Lucozade (orange flavour, of course), extra strong pain-killers and shame repellant.
  6. A pulley system that simultaneously opens your door, takes the food from the delivery man and then brings it to your bed without spilling anything. Eliminating the need to ever be vertical or interact with another human being.
  7. A robot that gently rolls your partner away when you don’t want to cuddle anymore. Because we all know the Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S hug and roll is difficult to perfect…
  8. An automatic “late for work” excuse dispenser. Because who has time to be both imaginative and convincing when you are simultaneously putting on deodorant running for the Central Line?
  9. Moisturising cream that instantly get rids of pillow crease marks on your face. Bonus points if also removes morning drool.
  10. An in-bed barrier to stop bed-hogs creeping into your space.
  11. A fully-loaded overnight make-up mask – pre-applied with your favourite foundation, eye-shadow and lippy. 0% effort AND loads of time saved. #iwokeuplikethis (literally).
  12. A filter for your windows that makes it look like it’s raining outside. Because while we spend all year praying for sun, when it comes all we really want is to stay in bed…

Well, we can dream right? Let us know what you would invent if you could…

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