Week in Sleep: Spacing Out

By Dylan Blanchard  |  Jun 10, 2016
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While you were spaced out dreaming of summer vacation plans, we stayed up to date on all things sleep. Here is everything you need to know to sleep soundly this weekend:

Wake up and smell… the fish? Studies are saying that our friends over in Japan really got it right in the healthy breakfast category with their traditional, protein packed starter-meal of fish, eggs, and beans. Although that sounds more like lunch or dinner cuisine to us American folk, apparently our bodies crave these types of proteins after a long night’s sleep. Bon appetite, I guess?  (The Huffington Post)

The question of the century: What is the real difference between Belgian and regular ole waffles? (Chowhound)

There is no better way to spend a rainy day than in bed binge-watching between naps, but why? What about rain makes us so sleepy? (SBS)

Get ready to up your texting “sleep-cabulary” through these emoji updates. Sick of not having a bacon emoji to describe your killer breakfast? Or a drooling-face emoji to explain how hard you dozed off? Fear no more, an update is on its way.  (Van Winkle’s)

Finally, sleep is getting the attention it deserves by pro-athletes. NBA coaches and players are starting to link poor performance with poor sleep habits and are making moves to change the stigma around sleep for athletes. Can’t argue with you there, NBA. (CBS Sports)

Trying to fall asleep when you can feel you feel like your bedroom is desert is nearly impossible. Here’s how to beat the heat without an AC unit in order to get a good snooze. (Van Winkle’s)

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