Week In Sleep: 3 Day Sleepend

By Maggie Taylor  |  May 27, 2016
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While you were prepping for the three-day sleep-end, we were catching up on all things sleep. Here is everything you need to know to snooze soundly this weekend.

Ever miss the days of bedtime stories before being tucked in? Well, Sleep With Me Podcasts are bringing that luxury back, but this time for adults. Be cooed into slumber by the sleepy sounds of this podcast. (Forbes)

If you’re in the market to sleep like royalty, check out these digs. These historic landmarks are rescued and renovated by a nonprofit that rents out the newly restored vacation homes for less than most competing hotels and online rentals. Sleeping like a queen has never been easier and more affordable. (Fast Co. Design)

This mountain lion was found on the porch of a Utah family’s home napping in the sun. Maybe next time he’ll remember to throw on the “do not disturb” sign, because people tended to notice. (UPI)

Why didn’t we think of this sooner? This combines two of our favorite breakfast specialties into one. Introducing the Coffee in a Cone. Will it taste disgusting or delicious? That’s for to you to decide. (Popsugar)

If you don’t take our word for it, take model Caroline Brasch Nielsen’s that pajamas are always in style — even outside the bedroom. Keep your mind on your bed while you’re out and about by sporting your favorite PJs throughout the day. (Vogue)

We all know how important sleep is to function throughout the day, so why wouldn’t we want our taxi drivers getting their much needed rest, too? (New York Daily News)

Switch up your morning routine by downloading the Rock Alarm Clock app that gives you the option to live on “Rock Time,” aka you live by his own personal alarm times. Half terrifying, half exhilarating- try for yourself. (Van Winkle’s)

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