10 Tips for Falling Fast Asleep in an Airport

By Alyse Borkan  |  Dec 1, 2015
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It has happened to the best of us. You’re stuck trying to sleep in an airport (a place not exactly known for its accommodating snooze spots). Maybe it’s a planned occurrence during an awkwardly timed connection. Maybe it’s your strategy to save an extra dollar or two. Or maybe it’s just a last-minute bummer thanks to bad weather. No matter the reason, it’s never a good (bed)time. But, never fear: there are ways to make it bearable. Here are 10 tips for snoozing in an airport:

1. Come prepared.
Before you leave home, pack snacks, an eye mask and earplugs into your carry-on. Even better, your front pocket. You should have these handy for your flight anyway.

2. Seek a snooze spot.
Check out the plentiful and exhaustive airport reviews at SleepingInAirports.net. You can find exactly which corner of your terminal has the best, most dream-inducing benches for sleeping. If WiFi is not an option, not to worry. Follow the backpackers — you know they’ve probably done this before.

3. Find the nearest lounge.
While most lounges keep disappointingly daytime hours, some — especially in 24-hour airports like Dubai, Singapore and Delhi — stay open all night long. You won’t necessarily get a bed, but at least you’ll get quiet and a comfortable recliner. And you don’t always need high-roller status: Many lounges sell day passes.

4. Ask about proper sleep options.
Some of the better-serviced international airports have sleep pods, cabins and even suites that can be rented by the hour. Barring that, ask the friendliest, happiest-looking airport worker for directions to the most comfortable armchairs.

5. Get zen.
Many airports have begun designing yoga and meditation rooms, fixed with mats and a total zen-like vibe. Longtime pro-traveler Bruce Northam reveals that the prayer rooms can be the ultimate airport bedroom — just be respectful.

6. Scout out security.
Especially if you’re traveling solo, sleep near other people. And look for an area with some security presence, whether it’s night guards, cleaning crews or even just cameras. Ask an airport employee to suggest a safe place, and consider giving them a nice tip in exchange for keeping an eye on your and your stuff.

7. Steer clear of foot traffic.
Airports can go from 0 to 60 in a matter of moments. They are loud, hectic and all around busy. Steer clear of heavy trafficked areas. For example, if the first flight of the day is going to be out of gate two, you don’t want to be near gate two.

8. Lessen your load.
Some airports have storage lockers, where you can stash everything (except, of course, your pillow and blanket). If you can’t find a personal storage space, be sure to stick your bag under your legs or use it as a pillow.

9. Always set an alarm.
While it might be difficult to catch deep ZZZs in an airport, don’t take any chances. Always set an alarm (or five). By not worrying about a missed flight, you’ll sleep better (if you can sleep at all).

10. Be a respectable snoozer.
Airport officials are not too keen on their facilities being used as hotels. Even if it’s part of your travel plan, stray away from getting too comfortable or cocky. And, of course, be chill. Funny airport-overnight videos may go viral, but security may not be amused.

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