11 Ways Casper Helps Customers Get Their Best Rest

By Katie Szymanski  |  Nov 14, 2016
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Since our launch in 2014, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure customers far and wide sleep soundly on their Casper. Because sometimes a good night’s sleep requires more than just a good mattress.

1. We hand deliver mattresses.
No one wants to stand by the window waiting for their mattress to arrive. When we launched in 2014, we unexpectedly sold out of all inventory in the first day! To make sure our earliest customers were still able to get a good night’s sleep, we overnighted air mattresses and hand delivered the mattresses we had in the office to locations all over the east coast.

2. We keep your delivery safe if you’re not there to sign for it.
When you’re on vacation, the only thing you should be worrying about is finding a spot at the pool. This summer, a customer had their order arrive while out of town. Someone from Casper traveled to their apartment building to find a safe place to store the package until they were able to return home. And go straight to bed.

3. We help you avoid going out.
You can trick your friends into thinking you’re out having the time of your life when really, you haven’t left your bed. Casper created Late Night Snap Hacks so you can snap a party scene, upload it to your Snapchat story, and keep hibernating without ever leaving your sheets.

4. We tell you as much or as little about sleep as you want.
“What should I eat if I’m hungry at midnight?” “What does [INSERT CRAZY DREAM HERE] mean?” “Should I sleep with ear plugs?” We’ve heard it all. And we’ll tell you everything we know. When a customer recently told us their mattress was going in a brand new bedroom, our team helped design the space from pillow covers to dreamy wallpaper.

5. We put you to sleep with bedtime stories.
Can’t sleep? Give us a call. Our customer experience team will write you a personalized bedtime story that is guaranteed to send you straight to slumberland.

6. We’re there for you, no matter how late or early it is.
We’ll text you in the morning. Talk to you on the phone in the afternoon. And tweet you at night. We’ll even FaceTime. We’re one click away from a video call and can walk you through the unboxing, making your bed, or folding your fitted sheets.

7. We’ll send a little something extra with your mattress.
New homes need a new plant.

8. We bring naps across the country.
Need a midday snooze? We put naps on wheels and brought the Casper napmobile on a road trip to everywhere from Portland and Seattle to D.C. and Brooklyn.


9. We write personalized tardy notes.
No need to sprint to work after sleeping through your alarm. Our team is ready to write you a personalized tardy note. Like the note your mom used to write you in elementary school, but way more foolproof. Tweet @casper to get one for your boss. Promotion not guaranteed. 


10. We make you feel at home.
Mattress showrooms are outdated. Rows of beds that all feel the same? Sleazy salesmen? Bright florescent lighting? Instead, we created The Snooze Room. It’s a larger than life bedroom with everything you need to try the Casper in the comfort of a home. Stay tuned, it’s coming to a city near you next year.

unspecified-211. We keep you company in the middle of the night.
Did you have your afternoon coffee too late in the day? Can’t sleep? Insomnobot-3000 will text you until 5am. Tell Insomnobot about your weekend plans, new favorite show, and ask whether or not you should get pizza delivered. (Spoiler alert: The answer is always yes…)

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