5 Cereals We Loved and Lost

By Alyse Borkan  |  Apr 14, 2015
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Before Kashi, Wheaties, Total, whole grain this, and no preservative that — these sugary cereals were stocked in our cabinet just waiting for our alarms to go off. Please take a moment of silence for these 5 seriously delicious cereals from the 90’s that you probably forgot about… until now.

1. Pop-Tarts Crunch

These miniaturized Pop-Tarts were popular in the mid-1990’s, and came in strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon varieties — the two best Pop-Tart flavors. This bite-sized perfect pastry debuted in grocery stores in September 1994 and was sadly discontinued just one year later.


2. Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears Cereal

Teddy Grahams Breakfast Bears was an extension of Nabisco’s popular line of Teddy Grahams snack crackers which were introduced two years earlier in 1988. When the cereal first appeared on shelves, each flavor had a different cut-out Breakfast Bear mask on the back. This cereal came in honey, cinnamon and chocolate varieties.


3. Oreo O’s

The urge to want to never eat again after finishing a sleeve of Oreos (the serving size is only three) is real. Fortunately, this cereal alleviated our cravings in the early 2000’s. The cereal was launched in 1998 and discontinued in 2007 — a real loss to our breakfast bowls.


4. Rice Krispie Treats

This bowl of deliciousness was the perfect hybrid of cereal and warm, gooey rice crispy treats. It even turned your milk in the a wonderful sea of marshmallowy-goodness. Although it can’t be found in stores, some lucky breakfast eaters and have bought a box or two off Amazon over the years.


5. French Toast Crunch

Last, but certainly not least, this was the closest kids could get to an egg-soaked slice of bread, fried in butter and then doused with maple syrup in the 1990’s. Lucky for us, General Mills has brought it back for a limited time in select grocery stores.

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