The 12 Coolest Places You Should Sleep This Summer

By Kali Shulklapper  |  Jul 9, 2016
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The Casper sleeps cool. Like, really cool.

But if you insist on taking a vacation and sleeping somewhere else, here’s where you should snooze:

  1. In a suspended tree tenthome-slider-slide-4

It’s like you’re defying gravity by sleeping.

  1. In an underwater hotel 


Come prepared to get wet at Jules Undersea Lodge. All guests must scuba dive to their room.

 3. In a tepee 


You won’t be living like the Plains Indians, though. The tepees at the El Cosmico campground have heated mattress pads, a love seat, and electrical outlets.

  1. In the Arctic

All the polar bears are doing it these days.

 5. At one of the four corners of the Earth 0822_FL_canada_fogo_island_inn_featured

This Canadian Inn is an X-shaped hotel perched on stilts on top of jagged rocks. It’s hard to find, but X marks the sleep spot.

6. In a 4 star hotel’s trailer


Like our napmobile… kind of. Featuring a freestanding bathtub and flat screen TV, The garden trailer at Hotel Daniel in Vienna is no ordinary accommodation.

7.  In an airplane sleep suite
Always dreamed about sleeping on a cloud? You’ll never snooze better from 39,000 feet up.

  1. In a luxury treehouse 

Note: La Cabane en L’air requires channeling your inner Tarzan.

  1. In a greenhouse Uppgrenna-Nature-House_Tailor-Made-Arkitekter_dezeen_936_0We heard if you sleep at this transformed Swedish barn, you become one with nature. 
  1. In a safari lodge Sweni-Suite-15

Embarking on the ultimate adventure begins in your bedroom.

  1. At a water villa CN_prmrwatervillaback_17_700x525_FitToBoxSmallDimension_CenterNo need to get wet to sleep at this resort. Just ocean views and an ocean breeze.
  1. In an Igloo Podwhitepod.com_1The absolute best place to chill.


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