The 9 Best Excuses For Staying In On A Friday Night

By Sara Benincasa  |  Jul 12, 2016
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Sure, you’re a popular, glamorous superstar of a human being. But even the most iconic people of our modern age need to rest now and again. And after a week at the office, you’ve certainly earned the right to be less than social on a Friday night. Your friends may attempt to lure you out, but you know sometimes the best party night is spent at home in your bed.

Here are the 9 excuses you can give your friends when you just need to bail for no good reason:

  1. “I just don’t feel like going out tonight.”

Honesty is the best policy, sometimes! If you think your friends will appreciate the truth in a mature and understanding way, just be straight with them. But if not, don’t you worry, we’ve got nine more excuses for you.

  1. “Oof, I really don’t feel well.”

The classic sickness excuse is a solid one. Fake them out with a nonspecific claim of ill health and then cackle with glee as you watch a “Golden Girls” marathon and sip bourbon on the rocks. Protip: Sip slowly so as not to induce an actual bout of sickness the next day.

  1. “Tonight is my meditation night.”

Your commitment to spiritual wellbeing and mental clarity will surely impress them. And while they dance it up in the club to a 2016 remix of Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It,” you may in fact actually wish to meditate. Check out the work of such teachers as Thich Nhat Hahn, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, or download the app Headspace.

  1. “I need to write my Great American Novel.”

Are you a writer? No? Now is a great time to start! Amaze your friends with your devotion to your artistic pursuits. You can even do some writing for real. Check out the classic “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg, or look to Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” Stephen King’s “On Writing,” or any book by SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy).

  1. “Gotta get my yoga practice in.”

Your friends don’t necessarily need to know that you’ll be practicing yoga in bed, now, do they? Here are some cool poses you can do right in the comfort of your lovely Casper. You’ll increase flexibility and perhaps even induce the relaxation response right before a restful sleep.

  1. “My books are calling my name.”

In this day and age, reading often gets overshadowed by Netflix. Go old school and give it a try. Prop yourself up with some pillows and dig into whatever books you can find hiding under your bed. Even if it is just a magazine.

  1. “I have to catch up on my favorite show before the spoilers make it to Facebook.”

Ok, so you’re actually all caught up. But have you see the entire first season of Saturday Night Live? No? Well, it’s on Seeso. Hop to it!

  1. “I have to call my grandma.”

You really should call her, you know.

  1. “Budget’s a little tight right now.”

Who can’t understand the desire to want to put away money for your next vacation? Can you think of anything that saves money quite like sleeping.


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