6 New Ways To Get Your News

By Alyse Borkan  |  Aug 6, 2014
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We’ve always gotten our news in our bedrooms. Some of us will fall asleep watching the ten o’clock news for the rest our lives. Others will always enjoy a lazy Sunday morning with the newspaper in one hand and a bagel in the other.

It’s 2014, so everything has gotten a little more high-tech, and that includes the news. Our smartphones grant us access to more information than we’ll ever be able to digest. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop reading the news in bed. Here are six new ways to get your news:

1. The Skimm A daily email that lands in your inbox every morning, the Skimm aggregates and summarizes the biggest stories in the news. You receive bite-size paragraphs full of cheeky jokes and colloquialisms that link to mainstream publications like the Washington Post and the New York Times if you want to read the full-length article on the subject. This gimmicky but fun newsletter is geared towards a younger crowd that wants short news recaps on the go.

2. CircaCirca, a free iPhone and Android app, is not another news aggregator. Instead, it reports the news with its own team of talented journalists, in easily digestible sections. Each story is broken down into its essential points that you swipe between, making it easy to read quickly. And it’s pretty, too.

3. NYT Opinion— Less news and more Op-Ed focused, the NYT Opinion app could be your one-stop-news-and-opinion-shop. The app has three sections: “Today” covers opinion and longer news stories from the New York Times, “Op-Talk” aggregates content everywhere from the Guardian to Vice (this may be the coolest thing about the app, it’s not just New York Times content), and “My Reads” allows you to follow specific NYT journalists so you can stay on top of their latest articles.

4. Paper— Facebook’s Paper app is made up of several different sections. The first of these, your Facebook News Feed, shows you articles and statuses your friends have posted. Then you can add sections like “Headlines” and “LOL,” which are smarter and funnier than expected. These other sections take their content from sources like USA Today and The Onion. It features some interesting swiping action, where you “unfold” the stories you want to read, which is fun. It’s an excellent news app, overall, with multiple functionality.

5. Skygrid— Skygrid features short summaries of the day’s biggest news cycles. You can customize what you see with “Your News,” but the “Top News” section is more exciting. It’s an eclectic mix, with sports and entertainment and current events. What’s really cool about it: when you click a headline, it takes you to another screen that features every current story on the subject. You can then pick which summary of which news outlet’s take you like the best, and then click through to the original, full-length article.

6. Digg App — The Digg app doesn’t create any content. Instead, like the parent website, it shows you what the internet is talking about at a given moment. It plugs directly into your twitter to show you the most popular news stories right now. There are no sections, just “top stories” and “video.” You can “digg” any article, by clicking on the thumbs-up icon, and then it will keep track of what you’ve liked. That’s what’s nice about this app: it’s simple.

— Josh Segal

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