Week in Sleep: Snoring for the Gold

By Dylan Blanchard  |  Aug 5, 2016
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While Olympic athletes were gathering in Rio this week, we were setting the world record in napping. Here’s everything you need to know for the upcoming weekend. 

If you want to be great, sleep great- especially if you’re trying to go for the gold in this summer’s Rio Olympics. Sleep deficiency not only affects your cognitive behavior, but your physical behavior, as well. So make sure you get enough shuteye leading up to a big race- it could be the difference between the L or the W. (The Huffington Post)

Haven’t you always dreamed of wearing a tracksuit printed with breakfast food? Thanks to McDonald’s new partnership with Australian clothing brand We Are Handsome, this will soon be a reality. Good news- dream come true. Bad news- it’s only sold in Australia… (Inc.)

Not everyone can say they’ve been in two countries at once, let alone sleep in two countries at once. This quaint little inn is located directly on the French-Swiss border and allows guests to sleep right on the cusp of each territory. (The New York Post)

There is nothing funnier than overhearing someone talk in their sleep. Whether it’s gibberish or embarrassing truths, listening to a sleeptalker provides endless amounts of entertainment. This couple seemed to think so, too, seeing as they started an entire animated social media series based on recordings of their own sleep murmurs. (The Daily Dot)

Nothing makes you flash back to the days of college dorms like sleeping in a twin XL bed. But why is that a norm in a college dorm? (Van Winkle’s)


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