5 Dream-Worthy Bedroom Tips from Havenly

By Jason Fox  |  Aug 27, 2016
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So you have the bed, but what about the bedroom? It’s the first thing you see every morning and sends you out in style every evening. Our friends at Havenly shared some tips to make your bedroom the best room:

Ground yourself in comfort:

What’s the first you do in the morning? Scroll through Instagram? Open your laptop? Zip through emails? The first thing you should do is actually swing out of bed and put your feet on the ground. Rather than empty floor space, add warmth and texture to your bedroom with a rug. Choose a large rug to place under your bed, and don’t shy away from lighter color choices. (It’s a bare feet only zone.)

Find your calm switch:

Your bedroom should be a zen den. Keep these color considerations in mind when designing your dream-inducing bedroom space:

  • Blue, green and neutral tones are ideal choices for calming artwork.
  • White bed linens are the only linens! They’re classic, match everything, and to top it off, make your bed look like a cloud of carefree slumber.
  • Tools like this style survey can help you measure your style preferences, which in turn will help you make better color decisions for your space.

Slip into something wonderful:

There’s nothing like slipping into great looking bed only to be met by uncomfortable sheets. We believe that tucking yourself into bed should feel as delectable as it looks. So find a set of sheets that you’ll be as happy to look at as you are happy to sleep in. Because beyond your choice of bed (cough Casper cough) – your bed linen choices will determine the look and feel of your entire space.

Don’t forget your bedside table manners:

Your bedside table is a private place for you to store anything and everything. But it’s also a place in your home that says a lot about who you are. When styling your bedside table, remember that functional decor is your friend. Scented candles, lamps, neatly-stacked books, and jewelry dishes will add to bedside look.

Beyond the bedroom:

Transforming a bedroom from simply sleepable to dream-worthy can take time. Sometimes we need to call in the professionals. Havenly connects 

However, with the help of design-savvy services like Havenly, which works to connect its users with professional interior designers, we’ll get there.




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