7 Ways to Spend More (Productive) Time in Bed

By Alyse Borkan  |  Nov 30, 2015
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When your bed is your favorite hello and hardest goodbye, it’s not easy to leave it in the morning. Instead of jumping out of the covers, consider these seven ways to be more productive by staying in bed instead:

Make it a Double

At 7am, the kitchen can seem like a thousand miles away. Who says you have to trek across the arctic terrain of your apartment to get a steaming cup of joe? To make waking up a little bit warmer, check out this alarm clock that actually brews coffee. Take the few minutes until the snooze alarm goes off to stop and smell the coffee.

Get Crafty

We don’t recommend trying anything that involves a blowtorch, but plenty of creative pursuits can be perfected while you’re propped up on pillows. Move over, knitters; colorists are having their moment. With the proof that coloring is exceptionally good for both the mind and body, the introduction of countless fun variations, and the ability for anyone with a crayon box to become an artist, it’s no surprise that adult coloring books are at the top of best seller lists. Pick one that reflects your interests. Whether you exclusively listen to hip hop, watch Game of Thrones religiously, or appreciate a good mediation session, there’s a coloring book for you.

Make a List

The humble to-do list doesn’t get much credit, but it’s a powerful tool first thing in the morning. Whether you do it digitally on the iPhone notes app or keep a pen and paper in your nightstand, try assigning yourself tasks before indulging in distractions like social media. Add simple, easy-to-check-off tasks like picking up the dry cleaning for a greater sense of satisfaction. Then, once that’s done, you can reward yourself by taking a scroll down Instagram.

Keep Fit

It may sound like the stuff of dreams, but there are ways to get fit atop your duvet. Check out this “Pilazies” routine (yep, that’s Pilates for lazy people) or try a 5-minute core exercise you can do on your covers to strengthen your muscles before your feet even hit the floor.

Stretch it Out

If you leave for your yoga class in the morning wishing you were namast’ay in bed, now you can. Step one: throw the pillows and comforter on the floor so you have a flat, supportive surface. Step two: try some classic moves like the happy baby, half wheel, and knees to chest. (They’re easy to do in bed since you can stay horizontal.) Step three: follow along with a YouTube video for a more complete routine. Yoga in bed: a foolproof way to om your am.

Write it Down

Whether you’re vying for a Pulitzer Prize or you barely passed Freshman English, keeping a journal can help improve your memory and organize your thoughts. Sound too mundane to keep up with? Try Wreck this Journal, which also has a stress relief component. Think painting with coffee or poking holes in the pages. 1 Page at a Time gives you a new activity to do each morning. As Adam Kurtz says on his site: “Put down your phone and pick up a pencil. Every day is a chance to create something new.”

Give Back

It’s hard to believe that ten minutes is enough time to do anything meaningful, but with micro-volunteering you can do just that from the comfort of your bed! Sign up to complete a web site usability survey, write a letter, or create a social media profile for a charity. Even photo-sharing can  change the world without changing out of your jammies.

Contributed by Kira Garcia

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