8 Amazing Eye Masks for Stylish Sleep

By Alyse Borkan  |  Aug 6, 2014
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Sure, all sleep masks look the same to the person wearing them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about what they look like on the outside. This is one of those moments when you should judge a book by its cover.

Finding the perfect mask can be daunting, but don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. Below are eight of our favorites, ranging from silly to cute to stylish. You can’t go wrong napping with one of these on your face.


1. Shavata: Cooling Eye Mask Sequins ($15.90)
The Cooling Eye Mask Sequins from Shavata delivers on all the promises its name makes. It cools your eyes and… has sequins. “The perfect after-party accessory” just needs 20 minutes in the fridge to relieve your “tired, burning eyes.” Extra points for the extra fluttery fake eyelashes.


2. Testosterswoon: Day of the Dead Sleep Mask ($26.00)
The name, “Testosterswoon,” might be a little misleading. This, like any eye mask really, is unisex. The skeletons on the front are “generally having a great time,” as the product description tells us, though you wouldn’t be able to tell from their cold, dead eyes. This is good news — if they invade your dreams, you won’t have a macabre nightmare, you’ll just party with hyper-stylized skeletons wearing hats.


3. Pottery Barn: Fur Eye Mask, Snow Leopard  ($14.99)
Pottery Barn wants you to “sleep in safari style.” And while they may not realize that snow leopards are usually found in places like Siberia and Uzbekistan, all the rules of animal habitats are off in your dreams. The plush, faux fur blocks out light so you can sleep tight, and look super cute doing it.


4. McNett Outgo Z-Mask Sleep System ($7.99)
This camouflaged “sleep system” is the official eye mask of the US Army. Just kidding. It’s a little different than the average eye mask: it’s patented design doesn’t press on the eyes, which supposedly encourages REM sleep. Whether that’s true or not, this combat-ready looking eye mask will have you sleeping in military style.


5. Hello Kitty Eye Mask ($12.00)
Complete with the classic red bow, this eye mask will transform you into your favorite Japanese Bobtail cat. Perfect for catnaps. Warning: don’t eat cartoon catnip while wearing this on your face… that’s a recipe for disaster.


6. Cris Notti Kaleidoscope Sleep Mask ($19.99)
This 70s style, semi-Art Noveau sleep mask will have you sleeping chic. Seriously, since when does Pucci make eye masks? Oh, they don’t? Well, no one will know! (Full disclosure: people will probably know.)


7. Counting Sheep Slumber Sleep Mask ($9.99)
We can’t help thinking that someone made a mistake. Shouldn’t the sheep go on the inside, so you can count them? We understand it might be less comfortable, but it would be more effective. Less cute, but more effective. Instead, the “flocked outer texture” of this sleep mask will help you sleep tight.


8. Zombie Eyes Undead Novelty Sleep Mask ($5.87)
You might wake up craving BRAINS!!, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll sleep like you’re undead, and you’ll look like it. In fact, you’ll be such a convincing zombie facsimile that the mask-makers promise that it “will make your family leave you alone for a little peace and quiet!” Sounds good to us!


– Josh Segal

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