8 Ways Casper Surprises Customers

By Katie Szymanski  |  Nov 19, 2016
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The magical unboxing of the Casper mattress is a surprise in itself. The second you pull it out of the box, it comes alive in ways you could have never imagined. Sometimes, we like to send a little something extra too though. Because bedtime is the best time, and getting a new mattress is reason to celebrate. These are 8 times we surprised our customers to make getting a bed even better:

With a pineapple. One of our Instagram images featured a pineapple on the bed — a traditional housewarming gift. A customer interested in purchasing asked if it came with every purchase. When asked if this would be a deal breaker, the customer jokingly said yes. We made sure to seal the deal by stopping at the grocery store and putting a pineapple in the mattress box before it was delivered.

With a hangover cure. Each holiday season, we send a delivery to offices in NYC with everything to cure a hangover the day after their holiday party. We stalk their calendars, pack up a box with Gatorade, pillows, and Advil, and make sure it gets to their lobby in time to help tired employees make it through the day.

With peace and quiet. Falling asleep as a new parent can be harder than expected. And unfortunately, even the best mattress can’t block out the sounds of a crying baby. We have surprised new parents with packages equipped with eye masks, ear plugs, and baby onesies, to make sure they can get much deserved shuteye.

With a pizza. Moving is one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. You have pack up everything you own and unpack it just days later at a new place. It’s even harder when you don’t know you’re new neighborhood yet. Katie on our customer experience team happened to be new neighbors with a Casper customer. While they waited for their Casper to arrive, we sent them a pie from Katie’s favorite pizza place to make sure they didn’t have to settle in on an empty stomach.

With breakfast in bed. We sent breakfast trays and pancake mix to moms last Mother’s Day to celebrate their day restfully under the covers.

With flowers. When it comes to delivery, timing is everything. One mother happened to go into labor right before her mattress arrived. As she spent her day in the hospital, our customer experience team worked alongside UPS to reschedule the order to come later that same day. We sent flowers and ensured the bed was waiting for her when she brought her bundle of joy home to sleep.

With bedtime reading. When Casper launched, we packed a classic children’s bedtime story in every box. There’s nothing like a good book before bed. Unless of course, you have Netflix.

With coffee. We keep an eye on our customers on Twitter. If you tweet that you’ve had a long night out or had to get up early for a meeting, we might tweet you a coffee.

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