5 Ways To You Know You’re A Real Adult

By Michael Martin  |  May 22, 2016
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Have you used the term adulting, but questioned whether or not you’re a real adult? We’ve all woken up not wanting to face the real world. Well sometimes, you just have to throw off the covers and get to it. And you’re already probably doing a better job than you think. These are some of the things you’ve done that mean you’re inarguably an adult.

1. Filing taxes

The only unavoidable things in life are seeing Trump on TV and taxes. Look on the bright side: When you’re filing your own 1040, it means you have some income to report, and it’s only going up. Forbes magazine reports that the average worker gets a 3% raise per year. And if that doesn’t make you sleep better at night, know that you’ll boost your salary 10% to 20% when changing jobs. To make the tax-filing process as painless as possible, use an online service like TurboTax. You’ll save money, simplify the process, get all the deductions you’re entitled to, and the best part… you don’t even have to talk to an accountant to do it.

2. Paying your own cellphone bill

When your parents cut the cord, the first thing to go is your cordless phone (your cell, GET IT?). The good news: You can finally go over your data without being scalded. The bad news: You have to pay for the overage charges.

3. Getting your own mattress

So, you’re still sleeping on a futon? It happens. When you’re in college…

Shameless plug: Get a Casper. Mattress shopping has never been easier — or dare we say it — cooler. You can do it online so you don’t have to talk to some sleazy mattress salesman, it comes straight to your door in a box, and it sleeps cool so you don’t have to blast your A.C. this summer. The coolest part? You’ll be sleeping on the same bed as your favorite celebrity. Go ahead, tell your friends.

4. Understanding the difference between retirement accounts

And that you need one. When you start to think about the difference between a Roth 401(k), a 403(b), and — most likely — working until the day you drop dead, you’re indisputably adulting. Set aside as much $$ as possible by plugging your numbers into a site like Betterment. It’ll help you pick the right funds and save the right amount for your age.

5. Attending more than one wedding per year

This one can be the most painful of all. Starting with two every summer when you’re a few years out of college and accelerating to six by the time your thirties are over. Look at this this way: At least you were invited! Another shameless plug: Make gifting a no-brainer by giving the newlyweds a set of Casper sheets and a duvet cover. Who doesn’t need an extra set of sheets?

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