Your April Sleeposcope, Revealed

By Alyse Borkan  |  Mar 31, 2016
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How much do you really know about your sign? Sure, years ago you probably read that if you’re a Capricorn you should steer clear of Aries, and a Taurus could potentially be your soulmate. But did you ever consider how your sign affects your sleep?

Are you going to have a reoccurring dream about getting fired? Wake up next to an empty box of pizza? Will Mercury ruin all chances of finding a good night’s sleep this month?

Here’s how your zodiac sign influences your sleep:


March may have been stressful, but don’t play every day back in your head. Especially when you should be trying to clear your mind as soon as it hits the pillow. New month, new sleep schedule. Try staying on track so that you don’t always wake up wishing you went to bed earlier. Sleep more, stress less.


If you sleep somewhere unfamiliar this month, don’t let it keep you up at night. You should embrace it. You might miss your Casper, but new experiences can be the best way to learn all sorts of new things. And, take comfort in the fact that you already have sleeping as a mastered skill. (Just don’t add it to your resume.)


If you plan on starting a new show this month, think again. Binge-watching right before you binge on sleep could give you all sorts of unexpected dreams. Just don’t watch anything you wouldn’t want to spend 8 hours dreaming about.


If you sleep hot, now’s the time to kick up the air conditioning. Don’t let the cool breeze on your way home from work fool you. We can already envision you throwing off the covers and tossing and turning at 3am. Set the thermometer a few degrees lower than you usually would. Trust us.


April means it’s time for fun in the sun. Of all the signs, you may have spent a little extra time embracing winter hibernation. But don’t fret. Kick off those covers, find the remote, and pull yourself out of your binge spiral. Join your company’s softball team or at least take your morning coffee outside with you.


Go on a vacation, Virgo. Although stay-cationing on the weekend in your bed can be relaxing, use the warm weather as an excuse to plan a real vacation. We hear JetBlue is having a sale (when are they not having a sale?) — so book a flight, find a friend who will follow you to a tropical destinaton, and soak up the sun. And more importantly, some zzz’s.


Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually catch up on sleep. Now is the time to break the habit of telling yourself that you’ll sleep until 1pm on Saturday to make up for your late nights during the week, Libra. Try and get to bed just an hour earlier and it will make all the difference. Think about all that money you’ll save by not needing a second iced coffee every afternoon.


This month in late-night food cravings: cereal. Be sure to stock up. Variety is key. If you’re going to spring for Fruity Pebbles, make sure you also pick up a box of Shredded Wheat. You never know when you’ll want something packed with sugar or one that’s (almost) guilt-free.


So many vacations, so few vacation days. Don’t get overwhelmed by your family and friends trying to pack in the plans for upcoming beach weekends. Pick a few of your favorites and commit to those. The ones you miss, you won’t regret anyway. You’ll end up being the first to watch Netflix’s summer series, and your friends will be sunburnt and jealous.


Your FOMO is in full-force this month, Capricorn. But don’t worry — you won’t let any social obligation go unmissed. Prepare to chug gallons of the iced coffee to keep up.


You spent all winter hibernating, and you couldn’t be more excited for the warm weather. We feel your energy from here. We don’t want you to start skipping work to spend time in the sun (thought we know it can be tempting). Instead, try reading in the park, working from your office roof, or move your routine weekend brunch outdoors.


Being at work when the sun shines bright can be unbearable. Especially for you, Pisces. This month, you’re caught daydreaming on the regular. Fist on chin, eyes wide open, staring out the window. Don’t let your boss catch you. Move your laptop outside so that you can focus on responding to those emails. Or better yet, take full advantage of your company’s vacation policy.


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