Shocker: You’re Sleeping Too Much

By Alyse Borkan  |  Jul 23, 2014
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Oh, what’s that? You say you only slept six hours last night? You haven’t had a full eight-hour night’s sleep in how long and you feel like a shipwreck?

Well, we have good news: according to some new research, eight hours is too much sleep. We know. Our minds are blown, too.

Maybe if we’d all been training our brains with Lumosity, we’d be less surprised. After all, researchers at Lumos Labs, Inc. (which owns Lumosity) recently released a study that says the more you sleep, the stronger your cognitive performance is. Okay, that seems sort of obvious, right? But what’s really interesting about the study is that cognitive performance peaks at seven hours of sleep, and then starts to decline.

But wait, it gets better! This study says that you’ll actually die sooner if you sleep too much. Cancer researchers noticed that patients who slept for seven hours a night had the highest rate of survival, while those that slept eight hours or more had increased their rate of death by as much as fifteen percent.

And it turns out this is how the body wants to sleep. We only need about seven hours, as per a recent study in Germany. Researchers found “a group of five healthy adults” who were “assessed during life in a Stone Age-like settlement over two months.” And those five healthy adults fell asleep two hours earlier than normal, and slept, on average, 7.2 hours a night.

Forgive us if any of this was unclear. We’re not exactly on our game today . . .  we got, like, eight hours of sleep last night.

— Josh Segal

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