Can An Expensive Alarm Clock Make Mornings Easier?

By Alyse Borkan  |  Aug 13, 2015
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Can’t wake up in the morning? Maybe a fancy, new alarm clock will help. The DreamScience is a $100 disc-shaped bedside alarm features twenty different ambient soundscapes. The assorted tracks are embedded with scientifically-engineered aural sequences that tell your brain it’s time to sleep or rise. DreamScience is also programmed to reduce track volume and rhythm when the time is right in an effort to create a relaxing environment.

Testers say that simplicity is the DreamScience’s greatest asset. Once plugged in (it also takes AA batteries, if that’s your thing) it takes but a couple minutes to setup the clock and become situated with the top mounted control panel. The tracks — twelve for sleep and eight for waking — include everything from waterfall-like white noise and drizzling rain to ocean surf and whale song. While some testers said the tracks fall into that realm of massage parlor music (one said it “made him feel as though he should hang tapestries and have patchouli wafting”), all found the music pleasant enough and, more importantly, effective. One skeptical tester and sporadic sleeper reluctantly confessed that the DreamScience successfully lulled him to sleep (although he hated the halo of light). Another tester explained that, while the music certainly made him relax, he found the morning wakeups to be the best part (“the sounds are far less, well, alarming”). Yet another tester simply said the machine granted him his best sleep in weeks.

The DreamScience’s puck-shaped body didn’t appeal to testers. (“What is this? It’s like a robotic vacuum mated with a clock,” quipped one). And they found its size a bit unnecessary. (“I thought it would do more considering how big it is.”) Two testers also said that the sound wasn’t very full when they played audio from another source. All testers questioned whether or not they’d really need an dedicated clock speaker combo when there are similar apps available.


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