Can These Headphones Put You Sleep?

By Betty L  |  Jun 21, 2015
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Finally, headphones comfortable enough to be slept in and smart enough to know when to wake you. Latest on the sleep scene is Kokoon  —  recently raising 600% of their goal on Kickstarter. They are wireless, noise-canceling headphones that are designed to monitor brain waves and sleep cycles to give you all the information you need to fall and stay asleep. Using electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors to monitor electrical activity in your brain while sleeping, the headphones then interpret this information to determine which sleeping phase you’re currently in.

When you first lay down, the headphones play relaxing music to help you fall into unconsciousness, and then when the sensors determine that you’ve fallen asleep, the music transitions to white noise, supported by noise-canceling technology, for the duration of your sleep. These headphones also have an associated app that allows you to set an alarm based on when is the best time during your sleep cycle to wake up.

Originally designed to help those who have difficulty falling asleep, the Kokoon headphones are made to understand what is going on in your brain during sleep. Using this data, you can learn more about best practices that will lead to better sleep.

No word on the Kokoon’s sound quality, but the headphones were built in partnership with Onkyo so chances are they’ll be well-tuned. Battery is good for 11 hours of continuous playback per charge, so they’ll keep pace with even your laziest mornings. Preorders start at $189.

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