Two Years and Countless Naps in Canada

By Alyse Borkan  |  Nov 3, 2016
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Casper launched in the US in 2014 with one outrageously comfortable mattress. On our first day, we completely sold out of all of our inventory and in our first month, we did $1 million in sales. The message quickly traveled north and we worked day and night to bring Casper to Canada. After countless emails, texts, and tweets, we launched in Casper’s very first international market.

In the two years since our launch, Canadians have been tossing and turning less and oversleeping more. Here’s why:

The Casper mattress comes with free shipping and free returns. From day 1, you haven’t had to lose sleep over getting a mattress over the border, paying for duties, or getting hit with extra fees. There’s one price, and it includes everything! We ship locally from Ontario and British Columbia.

It’s unbelievably comfortable. We worked tirelessly before we launched in Canada to make sure that we would arrive just right. Our award-winning design team combined latex and memory foam to create the perfect sleep surface. It contours to your body to relieve pressure while retaining a healthy bounce and cool temperature. Sure there are lots of options out there, but we’ve cut through the confusion to offer a single, perfect choice to Canadians.

We brought naps across the country. We took our napmobile to Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto — offering midday naps to sleepy Canadians. Bonus: We launched our first ever Snooze Rooms in Toronto. They are larger than life bedrooms situated in the biggest Casper boxes we’ve ever made! Oversized eye mask and slippers included for ultimate comfort.


We even took a nap at the Toronto International Film Festival. We brought the Snooze Room to TIFF to give festival goers a place to rest between films. You know, so they wouldn’t fall asleep mid-screening.


We put nap rooms in Toronto offices. We asked Canadian companies to tell us why they needed a nap room. And then we got to work putting our mattress, sheets, and pillows in a quiet corner to give employees the ultimate midday pick-me-up. Who needs coffee?

We hosted a lounge at TedX Toronto. We decoded dreams at the Casper lounge. Visitors were able to rest up on a Casper mattress and explore the hidden symbols of their subconscious.

We laid down at Hot Docs. Some of Canada’s most-loved podcast hosts recorded episodes from Casper mattresses on the stage.

We have customers that are sleeping soundly from Toronto to Vancouver and Yellowknife to St. John.

  • “I 100% recommend this bed. Not only was the ordering, shipping, and unboxing a breeze, but the mattress itself is such a dream to sleep on. “I wake up feeling rested. it’s glorious.” — Shelby of Guelph, Ontario
  • “Perfect firmness for a great night’s sleep, and for hitting the snooze button at 7am at least 5 times.” — Bearsy of Ottawa, Ontario
  • “Finally when we had the pleasure of sleeping on our slab of serenity that is the Casper mattress and quickly drifted into a comfortable mattress supported REM sleep. 10 out of 10, will sleep on it again.” — John and Martene of Edmonton, Alberta



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