The Casper Team’s Bedtime Routines, Revealed

By Katie Szymanski  |  Nov 30, 2016
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Casper’s customer experience team is the most highly qualified, knowledgable, uncertified (because there is no certification) sleep experts. They go through hours of training, do extensive research, and know everything from foam molecular compositions to how many calories you burn in your sleep. Although they’re all equally as proficient in sleep, no two bedtime routines are the same. Here are some ways our customer experience team gets ready for bed:

“A tall drink of water: my self-assigned nickname and the foundation of my pre-sleep ritual. After having a cup of water, I turn on a fan to cool down the room, and bundle tightly under several blankets. If I’m feeling extra zesty, I’ll put on a record to send me off to my next snooze sesh.” — Alex W.

“I guess it’s a way of meditation but I start at my toes and think about how relaxed my feet are, and then how relaxed my ankles are and onwards and upwards. I always fall asleep before I get to my knees.” — Amanda K.

“Hydration is super important to me and as you’re sleeping your body uses water to help clean up so people generally wake up dehydrated. Then they drink coffee which just makes it worse. And since I drink coffee in the morning, I want to set myself up for success. So every night, I get a huge (I’m talking HUGE) glass of ice water for my bedside table. I drink about 1/4 of it at night, fall sound asleep to the dulcet tones of something cute on Netflix (think period dramas…they have the best calming music) and pass out. Then in the morning I drink the rest of my water to start the day out right.” — Katie S.

“I let down my blinds and close my curtains for complete darkness (or as close as I can get) and then I make sure my comforter is folded into a pocket with my other blanket inside so I can be properly tucked in — protected from Things That Might Grab My Feet and with enough coverage so I can comfortably scroll through Tumblr on my way to dreamland.” — Fiona W.

“The best part about crawling into bed is peeling back my quilt to expose the cool crisp sheets beneath. I love sliding in-between these two layers and then pulling the quilt up just below my chin. I usually end up making a list of all the things I need to do the following morning/day as my mind reflects on the day that has just passed. I triple check my alarm is set because I’m always afraid of waking up late for work.” — Audra B.

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