Casper Launches Van Winkle’s

By Betty L  |  Jun 11, 2015
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Casper has officially launched Van Winkle’s — an independent editorial venture, staffed by an award-winning team of journalists. Van Winkle’s’ original features and stories explore all aspects of sleep, from science to pop culture.

Van Winkle’s will focus on the creative, social and scientific elements of sleep, and how it influences culture and lifestyle. In today’s mindfulness and quantified self-obsessed world, Van Winkle’s will provide an authoritative, skeptical, yet accessible point of view to foster new conversations. The site will publish more than 10 original pieces daily, and will include weekly in-depth features, hard-hitting investigative reports, columns, explainers, and relevant product reviews. Reporting will also approach larger cultural issues through a lens grounded in rest and wakefulness, like the societal implications of Benzodiazepine, experimental interrogation techniques, or the limitations of quantification.

The founding team is comprised of veteran journalists, all with diverse backgrounds in science, lifestyle, pop culture, and investigative reporting. The team brings experience from Maxim, Travel + Leisure, Salon, Mic, Gawker Media, and Men’s Journal.

The editorial site is led by Elizabeth Spiers, Editorial Director & Advisor, and Jeff Koyen, Editor-in-Chief. The staff includes Matt Berical, Theresa Fisher, and Jeremy Grossman. Van Winkle’s will also feature stories from a talented group of freelancers, including investigative journalists Peter S. Green and Alexander Zaitchik, travel writer and television personality Julia Dimon, and travel writer David Farley.



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