Casper’s Official Guide to Winter Hibernation

By Maggie Taylor  |  Jan 14, 2016
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It’s that time of year again. The days gets shorter, the nights get colder, and the coffee gets steamier. Though you can’t run away from winter, you can certainly hide from it underneath your covers. To adequately prep for the arctic months ahead, we’ve rounded up everything we could ever need for this winter’s hibernation season:

– If you love to be warm and comfortable, this high performance blanket is a winter hibernation necessity. Designed to feel like you are wearing your favorite sweatshirt, the blanket is fleece-lined with a waterproof top layer. Because sometimes we need hot chocolate in bed, okay?

– Keep your soup and your tea at the optimal temperature with a portable stainless steel hot plate. Extreme? Maybe. But who has time to reheat grub in the middle of a Making a Murderer binge?

– Thank you sleep gods for smart phones. Your handheld gadget can help you order food, shop, and watch. Snag an extra long phone charger. Getting out of bed to charge your phone? Not required.

– Brave a blizzard for dinner? Absolutely not. Food delivery sites like Seamless, Instacart, FreshDirect, Maple, and Blue Apron are key when hibernating. Just make sure you order early! Don’t want to risk serious delays and increased delivery fees.

– Surviving winter is all about layers: the more, the merrier. Whether outside trekking through snow or inside by the fire, these thermal socks have you covered.

– When it gets too frigid to enjoy the splendid scents of Mother Nature, burning a woodsy candle is the next best thing. Would you rather pretend you’re on the beach? Grab some summery, floral scents from Dyptique.

– It can be rough to go without seeing green leaves for months. Find some low maintenance house plants to keep your space bright and lively until spring! Opt for succulents, an easy option for those born without a green thumb.

– Whether human or not, cuddle buddies are better when they’re adorable. Go out and get one! If no luck, there’s always this Ultra Cuddle Shawl Blanket.

– Bar-hopping in a blizzard? Not us! Winter calls for at-home libations. Stock up on the ingredients for mulled wine and spiked apple cider. Too cold to leave the house to get the goods? Use Minibar or Drizzly. Both will deliver alcohol straight to your door.

– Ever get down in the dumps when the winter weather hits hard? There is nothing like sub-freezing temperatures and sludgy snow to bring down a mood. Try Light Therapy, designed to boost mood and energy by mimicking the effects of a sunny, summery sky.

– There’s no better time to check out of reality and catch up on all shows than winter. Binge-watch subscriptions are a must. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO all belong in your polar vortex squad.Pro tip: if you lose the Apple TV remote in the couch cushions, download the app on your phone for continued viewing.

– Truly can’t handle the cold? Then leave it! When it doubt, spend an hour scrolling through Trip Advisor beach pictures. Next thing you know you’ll be boarding a plane to Aruba.

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