How To Enforce A “No Talking Before Coffee Policy” at Your Company

By Alyse Borkan  |  Sep 28, 2016
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This National Coffee Day, we are launching a nationwide campaign to eliminate early morning meetings and small talk in the workplace. It is crucial that employees are given ample time to wake up and caffeinate properly before engaging in conversation. Below, you’ll find everything you need to enforce a “no talking before coffee policy” in your office.

Company-wide email announcing the new policy:
Addition to the employee handbook:
[COMPANY NAME] prohibits all communication, written and verbal, prior to employees having their morning coffee. All beverages are treated equally and included in this regulation. It’s up to the manager’s discretion to assign specific timing or schedules around this policy.

Employee of the Month program:
To encourage policy adherence and office camaraderie, employees should nominate someone who will be recognized for their dedication to keeping the office quiet and caffeinated in the most important hours of the day. Their reward? The Golden Mug.

Optional employee benefit:
$100 / month stipend to use on caffeinated beverages.

Optional penalization:
Access to the company coffee machine will be revoked for individuals that violate this policy.

Example of Slack or internal chat away message:
Haven’t had coffee yet. Be back later.

Example of email autoresponder:
Hello! Thank you for your message. I have not had my morning coffee yet, but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Example of office signage:
For maximum impact, create a sign that includes your company font, colors, and logo.

img_5803 Use this checklist to make sure you’ve successfully implemented this policy at your workplace:

– Send a team email updating all employees of the new policy?
– Schedule an on-boarding meeting?
– Revise the employee handbook?
– Update all internal messaging and communication?
– Reward employees who are following the new procedures?
– Polish the golden mug?

– Provide signage at all desks?
– Enforce email autoresponders and Slack away messages?
– Ensure coffee pots are filled and mugs are cleaned?

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