The Best Way To Stay Cool This Summer?

By Katie Szymanski  |  Jun 3, 2017
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The best way to stay cool this summer is to stay in bed. No, really!

Our award-winning engineering team obsessively designed the Casper mattress, sheets, pillow, and our brand new duvet to help you sleep cool all summer long. Say goodbye to snuggling up to your fan or sticking your head in the freezer during commercials.

The Casper Mattress
Heat retention, a top complaint with memory foam mattresses, was one of the biggest factors we accounted for in the development of the Casper. The top layer of foam features a breathable, open-cell design to increase circulation. The memory foam layer beneath leverages airflow to pull heat out of the top layer, leaving you cool and comfortable. Air can pass freely, even when it contours to your body. No sinking, no sweating.

The Casper Pillow
Spend less time flipping your pillow and more time sleeping. The 100% cotton cover features a breathable percale weave and our minuscule, silky fibers allow air to move freely. The cool side of the Casper pillow is both sides.

The Casper Duvet
When it comes to temperature regulation and insulation, down is the best material you can use. So naturally, it’s what our duvet is filled with. You’ll never feel weighed down because the breathable cotton cover is 30% lighter than the others on the market.

The Casper Sheets
The sheets make the bed, right? Isn’t that what everyone says? Soft, crisp, and airy — our sheets feature a percale weave that won’t trap hot air. We designed our sheets to create the perfect sleep environment in your bedroom, and in any climate. How did we do it? Through a balanced thread quality, yarn construction, and weave for a cool, breathable sleep surface.

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