The Top 5 Coolest Places to Satisfy Your Cereal Cravings

By Maggie Taylor  |  Apr 28, 2016
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Cereal is timeless. It will never go out of style and it’s always in season. It’s a go-to breakfast choice, staple snack, and last resort dinner. If you’re a serious cereal lover, these 5 places should be at the top of your bucket list.

Kith Treats: Ah, cereal and milk. Goes together better than cereal and… sneakers? New York’s first and only cereal bar is located in a small white-tiled alcove just inside Kith, Brooklyn’s trendiest shoe store. Yes, it might be an unexpected place for a breakfast bar, but Kith Treats is no joke. The spot carries 24 brand-name cold cereal varieties (including toppings) and comes packaged in single-serving Mylar bags and shoe boxes (as if it could get any more Brooklyn). Did we mention there is cereal-flavored soft serve?

Momofuku Milk Bar: David Chang, anyone? If you haven’t seen the block-long lines, you’ve surely heard of the celebrity chef. Momofuku Milk Bar has foodies going Justin Bieber crazy. The spot is known for their cereal based products, from Cereal Milk to Cereal Milk Soft Serve to a Cornflake Marshmallow Chocolate Chip cookie. That Soft Serve is on a whole other level, coming in flavors like Fruity Pebbles, Honeycomb and the original Cereal Milk. Highlights: the Cornflake Crunch. We’d sprinkle it on pretty much anything. Don’t live near one? Not a problem.

California Donuts: What’s better than cereal? DONUTS. What’s better than that? Cereal-encrusted donuts. The neon “hot donuts” sign of California Donuts, a Los Angeles spot located on a buzzing Koreatown corner, will let you know when the tasty treats are at peak deliciousness. And we mean PEAK. The spot offers up a variety of cereal-encrusted doughnuts, from Froot Loops to Lucky Charms to Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Fruity Pebbles. You have to go. It’s is open 24/7 so there’s really no excuse not to.

Nighthawk Breakfast Bar: The name speaks for itself. Breakfast. Bar. The Los Angeles spot serves up dishes like Benedict Fries, Drunken French Toast,  and Tower O’Bacon. But most importantly the Spiked Cereal Milks. You can choose from Fruity, Choco, and Honey Nut. It’s like reliving your childhood as an adult.

Cereal Killer Cafe: London’s Cereal Killer Cafe takes all-day breakfast seriously. In fact, the cafe is dedicated entirely to cereal. JUST CEREAL. The cafe is decorated with a cereal checkerboard wall, and the waiters wear cereal-print onesies. With over 120 cereals, 13 types of milks, and 20 toppings, there are thousands of potential combinations. Our personal favorite? Count Chocula, hazelnut milk, and freeze-dried marshmallows. Totally worth a trip across the pond, right?

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