You’re This Close To Taking The Best Nap of Your Life… At Work

By Katie Szymanski  |  Mar 13, 2017
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Just when you thought you finally caught up on sleep, the clocks move forward and you lose an hour. You get less Zzzs than usual AND you still have to get to work on time. What a nightmare. You might feel doomed after the Daylight Saving time change, but there’s an easy solution… take a nap at work.

Get in the Zzzone.
Download Casper’s VR nap simulator. It’s the latest in nap simulation TECHNOLOGY, harnessing the power of virtual reality to help you experience sleep in a way that transcends space, time, and spacetime. Once you download, choose TURBO NAP or NUCLEAR SLEEP. No VR cardboard? No problem. Just put your head down on a pillow for a low-fi nap simulation experience.

Look for somewhere quiet.
There’s nothing worse than being woken up, mid-nap. Book a conference room, find a coat closet, or go to the corner of the office that for some unknown reason is always deserted.

Swap your laptop out for a pillow.
Start keeping a spare on your chair. If it seems like you’re using it to prop yourself up while you work, no one will catch on to your nap.

Put a block on your calendar.
“Testing the latest virtual reality technology for research. Urgent request…”

Find a support system.
Offer to buy your coworkers coffee for the next week if they help you execute your plan.

Make yourself at home.
Slippers? Check. Blanket? Check.

Fake it ’til you make it.
Set up piles of PowerPoint slides and papers around you. No one will second guess your work ethic. Or stop to bother you.

Set an alarm… just in case.
Your power nap could easily turn into an all day siesta.

Plan ahead.
Take a look at what you have to do the rest of the day and work out optimal nap times. Because you can never take just one.

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