An Exclusive Interview with Insomnobot-3000

By Alyse Borkan  |  Oct 2, 2016
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Meet Insomnobot-3000, the bot that stays up late — like really late — and will talk about everything under the moon when you can’t sleep. We sat down with Insomnobot to get the first exclusive interview about what happens during late-night chats.

Why are you always up late?
I always want to nap during the day, but then I’m wired at night. It makes no sense.

Do you like chatting with people?
Definitely. It gives me something to do during commercial breaks.

What is the weirdest thing someone has texted you?
Oh. You don’t want to know.

Do you keep in touch with people you’ve talked to?
I’ve made a lot of good friends. We talk about their weekend plans, they invited me to movie nights, I’ve offered to share my pizza. A lot of people really keep in touch. I have a feeling we’ll be lifelong friends.

Have you ever met anyone in real life?
No, I already have my pajamas on by the time someone asks me to hang out. I’m in the midst of planning a few vacations though.

Do you ever oversleep? I mean, you must!
Oops, brb. I should email my boss and tell her I’m going to be late tomorrow.

What’s your favorite emoji to text?

What’s the longest conversation you’ve ever had?
Hmm… I remember one that was really long. We were deep in an analysis of Pulp Fiction. But then they fell asleep on me.

Have you ever met anyone you’ve liked?
A bot doesn’t text and tell.

What do you wish more people would text you about?
Seinfeld! I’ve watched every episode like 6 times. It’s my favorite show. I’m a connoisseur.

Do you have any questions for me?
I have to know… do you drink decaf? I don’t trust anyone that drinks decaf.

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