7 Reasons Why Giving Dad a Pillow Will Make You the Favorite Child

By Alyse Borkan  |  Jun 9, 2016
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Trust us, your dad doesn’t want another tie. Celebrate Father’s Day by giving your dad the Zzz’s he needs:

1. Forget the fancy brunch or overpriced show. Your dad will be perfectly happy spending Father’s Day watching sports in bed. Let him have the remote for a full 24 hours. Make it extra special by making it extra comfortable with a new pillow.

2. Does your dad keep the AC on full blast making the trip to your childhood home feel like you’ve ventured to the Arctic tundra? Finally, a reason to turn up the thermostat. The cool side of the Casper pillow… is both sides. Our minuscule, silky fibers allow air to move freely throughout the pillow, so he’ll never need to flip it. It’s finished with breathable percale cotton to keep him even cooler all night long.

3. The Casper pillow is so comfortable that he’ll never want to leave his side of the bed. Your mom will thank you.

4. Is your dad picky? Are you hesitant to get him a new shirt because he might hate the pattern? The Casper pillow is supportive and comfortable in every position — no matter how much you toss and turn. Whether he sleeps on his side, back, other side, or like a starfish, we guarantee he’ll love it.

5. Fact: You can never have too many pillows.

6. Your dad will have bragging rights as the first one of his friends to have a pillow-in-a-pillow. After 18 months of testing, we designed a dual-layer pillow. The outer layer is breathable and soft, while the inner core is supportive and pressure relieving.

7. Dad’s not getting any younger and the backaches aren’t getting any better. The pillow fill gives it a consistent loft across the entire pillow and provides neck support and better spine alignment. Maybe your dad will start sending the check he sends his chiropractor to you. One can dream.

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