5 Ways to Create a Kid’s Dream Bedroom

By Laurel & Wolf  |  Feb 17, 2017
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Our friends at Laurel & Wolf know how to make bedtime the best time. They use their interior design expertise to show how simple changes can make a big impact on your kid’s sleep… and ultimately yours, too. 

Remember the good old days when “bedtime” was a seven letter word that you’d do almost anything in your power to get out of? Oh, how things have changed! Now, hitting the hay is a daily event we look forward to almost as much as happy hour or dessert. So what do you do when you have to put a wide-eyed child to bed when you’re semi-asleep yourself? Well, you follow these rules for making your kids’ bedroom a haven for sleepy time.

To put our tips to the test, we teamed up with the sleep experts at Casper to design the ultimate bedtime environment for one lucky little one. What we found out? Sometimes it takes more than a pair of blackout drapes and some good bedtime stories to get the job done.

1. Don’t skimp on quality bedding: Remember, your little human is just like any other person and will sleep best on top of a high quality mattress and sheets. We upgraded this big boy bed with a Casper twin mattress and cozy sheets to form a restful base.

2. Hide all distractions: Out of sight, out of mind. When it comes time for bed, make sure that all electronics are put away in stylish storage containers or cabinets. We’re loving the mid-century vibes of this credenza, which can easily transition from nursery, to kids’ space, to teen room and beyond.

3. Install drapes or shades: It’s hard for anyone to take an afternoon nap when the sun is beaming through the window. Opt for roman shades or drapes in a playful color to add both style and functionality to your child’s bedroom.

4. Enlist the help of some friends: Though security blankets can be a no-no for many parents, make the transition from parent-time to alone-time seamless with the help of some stuffed animals.

5. Freshen the space up with paint: Remember when painting clouds all over your ceiling was all the rage? Well, we don’t recommend going quite that far, but painting your kids’ space a neutral tone will do the same trick. Here, we went with a calming shade of blue to offset the bright, lime green accents inside this space.

Courtesy: Laurel & Wolf


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