Help! I’m 30 and My Back Hurts

By Kali Shulklapper  |  Jul 26, 2016
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So you’ve been slouched over in a computer chair from when you played Oregon Trail in elementary school until this very second? Of course your back hurts!

While back pain is one of the more annoying ailments of getting older, fortunately, it isn’t serious. No need for a colonoscopy, dentures, or a walker just yet.

Spending eights hours hunched over a keyboard means the 8 hours you spend at night need to be extra supportive. If you’re still sleeping on a spring mattress hand-me-down, it’s time for an upgrade. Spring for a real, adult mattress.

The Casper combines foam for the ultimate pressure relief.  

If you wake up in the morning aching, you need a mattress that will contour to your body and support your back. Our award-winning team team of IDEO engineers spent a year testing every material on the market to create a mattress that will do just that. The Casper’s patent-pending combination of foam is every back’s dream.

The top layer of latex foams adds a healthy bounce so you won’t feel stuck in the middle of the night. The second layer of memory foam contours to your body and relieves pressure. The third layer is a transition foam designed to provide deep comfort through equal weight distribution.

It supports your spine.

You probably didn’t even know your spine needed support. Many back problems stem from an unnatural curving of the spine, and beds that sink or sag only perpetuate painful symptoms. Humble brag: Consumer Reports gave us top ratings for back support.The Casper is an unparalleled sleep surface that provides perfect anatomical support. There’s no sagging, just maybe snoring. We rate the mattress a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. It’s not a bathtub filled with pudding and not a pile of rocks. It’s the exact firmness your back needs to wake up well-rested.

It will be beneficial to your back no matter how you sleep.

Our customers have claimed the Casper been a miracle worker for their aches and pains, but we know that everyone is different. Some people like to sleep in positions we’d never dream of, and we totally get it. After exploring more than a hundred configurations, we narrowed our selection down to two dozen beta models for qualitative user testing. We invited people from all walks of life to A/B test our most promising prototypes. Our research led us to the discovery that a single, well-balanced sleep surface could cater to the vast majority of sleeping positions, body types, and slumber eccentricities. The Casper’s soft, yet sturdy build makes sleeping a dream for all kinds of snoozers.

Real customer quotes:

“I suffered from bad back pain, and can honestly say, that since we got the Casper, I haven’t had a problem since. I think my back needed a firm but soft surface to sleep on. It’s changed my sleep health drastically, and that means the WORLD to me!”

“I do suffer from chronic back pain, but sleeping on this mattress has diminished it. I used to sleep on a traditional spring mattress with a foam pad and never slept well. I still feel stiff sometimes, but that’s just because of my sciatica.”

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