How to Prepare Your Bedroom for Winter Hibernation

By Alyse Borkan  |  Nov 11, 2015
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Winter is coming, and the mere thought of the impending frigid weather can be terrifying. But using it as an excuse to spend a few extra hours in bed as a result? Hey, we’re not complaining. In preparation for winter, make sure your bedroom is safe and sound from the snow falling right outside your window with our list of tips below.

Insulate your windows. Whether you choose a plastic insulation kit, rubber seal, or opt for some heavy drapes, this is an essential step for staying snug inside. Bonus? You’ll be saving energy, as well as some cash on your next energy bill by keeping the cold air out.

Caulking cracks. It’s a simple and effective task. Seal up any cracks you can find in your window frames or ceiling will prevent any chilly drafts from killing your cozy vibe. All you need is a bottle of caulk 

Pile up the layers.  Make sure your bed is prepared for the countless hours you are going to spend in it. It’s no secret that the number one place we run to in need of extreme warmth is under the covers. Blankets, faux fur, and a heavier comforter are necessary for the dropping temperatures. Also, make the switch from cotton to flannel for maximum comfort.

Invest in an electric blanket. Instead of waiting 25 minutes in fetal position with ice cold feet, try heating it up with an electric blanket beforehand. You’ll pass out at the perfect temp.

Heat up your space. Want to heat up your bedroom, but not your whole house? Save money by trapping the heat where you need it most. Make sure to do your research on the size and type you need for your room before you make the purchase.

Turn on the fan. (Yes, we’re serious.) Though contradictory, a fan can actually help you keep toasty in the winter. Though at the highest setting it keeps you cool in the summer, turning on the low setting will help keep you warm when it’s cold. Heat rises, so the light breeze will circulate the warm air back down to you.

Keep your toes warm. Once your feet get cold, everything gets cold. Make sure you have a super cozy pair of fleece socks in your nightstand for easy access. And even better, put a fluffy rug at the edge of your bed. When you finally drag yourself out of bed in the morning, make sure to have a fluffy rug to save you from the potentially freezing floor.

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