What The Internet Is Saying About The Casper Pillow

By Katie Szymanski  |  Feb 22, 2017
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Casper launched in 2014 with one perfect mattress. Since then, our award-winning engineering and design teams have worked around-the-clock to constantly innovate in a tired industry, creating new products to perfect one’s sleep environment.

During our research, we learned that the need for different pillows, depending on your sleep position, was a myth. Everyone — from stomach, side, and back sleepers — changes their position at some point during the night. Knowing this, we set out to create a single pillow that could accommodate all.

So, what makes the Casper pillow different from the hundreds of options out there? The Casper’s unique pillow-in-a-pillow design balances the right amount of support and comfort for all sleepers. For initial testing, we tossed, turned, and slept on over 60 different kinds of pillows from around the world to find the best materials. 

But don’t take out word for it. See what the internet is saying:

“It’s pretty much the best pillow you can buy that doesn’t have Michael B. Jordan’s face on it.” — NY Mag

“It’s like a little cloud for your head, minus the humidity.” — Andre K.

“My long-awaited hero.” — Jason R.

“Like a reverse Oreo. The outside is very soft and the inside is more firm.” — Brian

“Remember when you were a kid and you used to get the best nights sleep? Remember the feeling of being all snuggly and cozy, deeply rested and beyond comfortable in your childhood pillow? This is that pillow.” —Rkcorp

“Like a 1,000 fairies holding your head up at night.” —Oceanjo

“While many of us still believe we’re either “firm” or “soft” pillow people—due to our sleep positions—the team at Casper has found that one type truly does fit all.” —Cool Hunting

“Has lead to a nightly tug-a-war.” —Chris

“Dream facilitator.” —Pillowgal

“I think this pillow may have changed my life.” —Rory

“Finally, trusted sleep.” — Chris B.

“Like having a dreamy hotel pillow every night!” —Nicole M.

“The Casper pillow is the perfect pillow fort material, its firm, yet forgiving. Just what you’d be looking for, It’s even super soft to the touch. But my forts never last anymore. I can barely make it through the base construction. It’s impossible to be near the Casper pillow and not tackle it and let yourself sink into it’s comfort.” —Braden T.

“Actually, I never got to try it. After one night my wife said I would never get it back! She loves it!” — Pete W.

“Plump, pliable, perfection. Do I need to say more?” — Caleb M.

So, you want to try the Casper pillow now. Right?

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