Your May Sleeposcope Tells All

By Alyse Borkan  |  May 12, 2016
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How much do you really know about your sign? Sure, years ago you probably read that if you’re a Capricorn you should steer clear of Aries, and a Taurus could potentially be your soulmate. But did you ever consider how your sign affects your sleep?

Are you going to have a reoccurring dream about getting fired? Wake up next to an empty box of pizza? Will Mercury ruin all chances of finding a good night’s sleep this month?


You still have another month until summer. Stop sweating your warm weather plans. While we totally understand why you would want to book your flight to L.A. ASAP, spend your weekends outside at the park instead of behind your laptop on Trip Advisor.


We know how restless you can get when the weather gets warm and your bedroom gets warmer, Libra. Don’t invest in a second fan just yet. Crack open your window, kick off your covers, and sleep on a pillow that keeps cool.


We know you’ve been telling everyone cold brew is the new iced coffee, but your wallet has something to say too. Getting a cup a day can get expensive. Make May the month you learn how to do it yourself. Protip: pour coffee into an ice cube tray so the ice won’t dilute your cup of caffeine. 


Hit the open road, Sagittarius. Getting away doesn’t have to mean schlepping to the airport and taking in a plane. In fact, we find it more liberating to throw bags in the trunk of the car and drive off into the middle of nowhere. (Just kidding, Google Maps exists for a reason.) Get as far as you can and then rent a hotel room or sleep under the stars.


May means business, Capricorn. Use this month to get the workhorse mentality out of your system. June means the start of Summer… Fridays. We know you get FOMO when you don’t go to work, but going on a vacation should be a priority.


It was acceptable to keep your bedroom a mess in the winter, but it’s officially time to spring clean all the junk you’ve shoved underneath your bed. Vacuum? Check. Lysol? Check. Iced coffee to keep you buzzing? Snacks to keep you sustained? Blast some Bieber and you’ll be napping on freshly washed sheets in no time.


We know how much you love to sleep — trust us — but it’s too nice out to waste the warm weather in bed. Set an alarm and don’t hit snooze. Don’t go crazy, it doesn’t have to be before noon. But the days of sleeping the snow away are over. Get up and get out this month.


You’ve been bouncing off the bedroom walls with excitement for spring, Aries. We know how restless you got this winter. Commemorate the arrival of spring with a picnic in the park. Put a twist on it: invite your friends to BYOB (bring your own breakfast). Skip the deli meat and bring breakfast sandwiches. Assign someone to bring a cooler of iced coffee and you’ve got everything you need.


We know you are determined to start your growing plants this May; however, you seem to have a hard time keeping even a goldfish alive. Don’t give up hope quite yet. Add some wildlife to your own life with some low-maintenance succulents. You can keep them in your bedroom windowsill so they help you rise and shine.


If you’re sharing the bed with someone new this month, try and be patient. Stoke up on ear plugs, invest in a white noise machine, and stay as far on your side of the bed as possible. Give it a month, you’ll get used to it.


Are you getting enough sleep? If you’re feeling under the (sunny) weather try getting under the covers earlier than usual. Even if you don’t think you’re tired, a boring book or lullaby-like playlist will help bring on the zzz’s.


April showers bring May hangovers. Sundays in the spring are perfect for boozy brunch, but try not to go overboard. You don’t want to spend the sunny day cooped up under the covers instead of picnicking with your friends in the park.

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