Meet Casper

By Alyse Borkan  |  May 22, 2014
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We spend a third of our lives in bed. That’s a lot of sleeping, reading, loving, and dreaming.

Yet, this intimate purchase — one that has a massive impact on our day-to-day existence — suffers from inflated prices and consumer manipulation. We created Casper to reimagine the sleep experience from the ground up.

There is no way to change the mattress industry, short of breaking all the rules. For nearly a century, mattress companies have placed their marketing goals ahead of product and design research, leading to overhyped innovation with disappointing results. We don’t believe this status quo has long to live.

As a team with a deep background in product design, we knew memory foam was a great sleep foundation, but when used alone, had its deficiencies. We also knew latex foam was generally the highest-performing foam available, but its expense caused it to receive less commercial success.

Our team tested hundreds of constructions, cross-pollinating foams and materials from different vendors that have rarely been seen together due to the strict marketing verticals that are pervasive in the industry. When we first combined and laminated memory and latex foams in our Providence, RI product lab — our bed’s eureka moment -—we knew we discovered a beautiful but potentially controversial pairing. At launch, we will be the first company to laminate latex on top of memory foam. This proprietary construction contours to the body to provide 10-inches of support, while remaining soft, cool, and bouncy to the touch. Our patent pends.

This is our promise to you: we will always put sleep quality above marketing, and remain as transparent as possible about our products, design, quality, and pricing. We’re here for you, whether you want to reach out with questions, or need a good bedtime story.

Good night,

Philip, Jeff, Luke, Neil & Gabe


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