Meet Casper’s New Pillow

By Alyse Borkan  |  Nov 20, 2015
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We spent 18 months trying, testing, tossing, turning, and of course, sleeping. One of the first things we learned in our research is that sleep position (and their supposed need for differentiated pillows) are a myth. Nearly everyone changes positions during the night, which is why we set out to design a single pillow that could accommodate all positions.


The No’s

We slept on over 60 different kinds of pillows from around the world to find the best fill types out there. Early on, we ruled out obscure materials like buckwheat and straw. They sound cool, but they’re not nearly comfortable enough. Then, we eliminated foam. While it provides excellent support in a mattress, it doesn’t work as well in a pillow because it’s too sensitive to temperature. Finally, we had to eliminate down because of allergy concerns, its lack of push-back when compressed, and the fact that its insulating properties make it sleep hot.

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The Fibers

Ultimately, we determined the best solution was to fill our pillow with synthetic fibers, which are specifically engineered to suit a wide range of needs.Quality of material knows no borders, and we’re committed to making the absolute best product possible. That’s why we went all the way to South Korea to discover the extremely thin, low-friction fibers that power our pillow. They have properties that surpass down, they’re hypoallergenic, and they last longer than other fill types. The Casper pillow’s design is thanks to its cutting-edge fibers. We use extremely short and thin inner core fibers that are 1/20th the width of a human hair. Each fiber is low friction, which creates the pillow’s signature springiness. .

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Two Layers Are Better Than One

After 18 months of testing, we designed a dual-layer pillow. Its outer layer is breathable and soft, while its inner core is supportive and pressure relieving. The soft outer layer contains longer fibers, which create a luxurious and forgiving layer over the supportive core. Together, each Casper pillow contains nearly a billion fibers.

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A New Dimension in Comfort

To get the most out of our innovative double-layer construction, we included a structural element known as a gusset (the 2” panel that runs along the perimeter of the pillow). It adds depth for side sleeping support and ensures consistent comfort across the pillow, so sleeping on the edge feels just as great as sleeping smack dab in the middle.

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