Meet Casper’s New Sheets

By Alyse Borkan  |  Nov 19, 2015
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After countless hours of experimentation and many sleepless nights, our in-house design and engineering team arrived at one perfect sheet set. Most sheet sets represent a compromise between softness, strength, and breathability. After 18 months, 10 factory visits on 3 continents, and hundreds of samples later, we designed a sheet set that perfectly balances it all.


The Best Cotton

Our unique design is made possible by some of the best cotton fibers in the world. Did we mention they’re grown in California? We known the exact location of the California’s Central Valley where these fibers are grown, ensuring that every sheet is 100% Supima cotton. These long-stapled fibers are woven in a process that takes three times longer than the industry standard, to make them that much more breathable and durable.


The Strongest Weave

The Casper sheet set is four times stronger than the industry average. It balances softness and breathability with a weave and thread structure that maintains those benefits wash after wash. Our percale weave is more structurally sound, breathable, and durable, giving you cool, crisp comfort for nights on end. The longer the fiber, the stronger the yarn, which means less tearing over time and softness that lasts.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.50.05 PM

The Optimal Thread Count

To get the most out of our top quality threads and weave, we needed to find the perfect thread count. While most people think the more the fancier when it comes to thread count, that’s only true until there are so many threads that they block airflow. After testing dozens of combinations, we found that a thread count in the range of 19- to 200 is the ideal balance between soft, strong, and breathable.

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Solving Sheet Maintenance

Not only do the sheets feel perfect when you slide into bed, each item in Casper’s sheet set has been thoughtfully designed to solve annoying maintenance issues. The elastic rubberized grips on the fitted sheet. Contrasting fabric and seams to the sides of our fitted sheet make it simpler to find. We designed our duvet cover to have easy-to-access interior corner ties to keep your duvet secure. Blue tabs on corners of the sheets indicate the most efficient way to fold and store the set. A lot of research thought went into the creation of these sheets, and we think you’ll love them.

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