The Must-Read Casper Mattress Reviews of 2016

By Katie Szymanski  |  Dec 30, 2016
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2016 was filled with good times, bad times, and bedtimes. Read how the Casper mattress made bedtime the best time for our customers across the world last year:

This is the Goldilocks standard of matresses. Everything feels ‘just right’. (Nick)

I got 99 problems but not sleeping a full night isn’t one anymore. (Sheila)

This mattress is hands down, the most comfortable thing I have EVER slept on. There is never any tossing and turning or trying to get comfortable. It was easy to handle by myself. And the extra special bonus is the ‘house’ I made for my 3 year old grandson from the box. (Laurie)

Casper is upending a $14 billion industry, one mattress at a time. (Inc.)

If you’re on the fence, jump over. (Melanie)

This bed is my best friend. Even my dog has comfort-induced snoring patterns now. (Cory)

I love this mattress (along with two Casper pillows) more than I love wine. And I love wine! (Ani)

I would like to describe what it’s like to lay down on it. I would like to tell you what it’s like to fall asleep on one of these mattresses. But I can’t. Because every time I put my head down, I fall asleep too fast. (Justin)

Warning: this mattress will make it much harder to get out of bed in the morning! (Madison)

My husband and I disagreed on whether we wanted a firm or soft mattress. He suggested trying the Casper, and it seemed to meet both of our needs. He wanted lots of support, and I wanted something softer since I am a side sleeper. Casper FTW. (Julie)

Thanks Casper for making me realize that the mattress we found on Craigslist in college was actually meant for the dump and not our bedroom for the past 7 years. (Maureen)

It’s like sleeping on brioche. (Ian)

Supercasperfragilisticexpyalamattress. (Penguin)

I cannot accurately describe in words how comfy this bed is. It is literally that perfect mix of support and softness one hopes for. (Dorie)

Normally when I travel, hotel beds are what I look forward too. For the first time ever, I couldn’t wait to get home to my Casper. (Liz)

This mattress is a game changer! (Davis)

The website/UI/UX, the ordering experience, the shipping speed, the unboxing experience, the speed of inflation after unboxing, the price, the quality, the sleep experience, EVERYTHING. Amazing. Casper’s aim to fix a broken industry is realized in its execution of every step of the process. (Jenny)

It’s hard to miss Casper these days. The company has changed the way we think about buying mattresses. (Refinery29)

No sheep counted. (Barbara)

An arsenal fit for a warrior of dreams! (Caleb)

No trial period needed! Love at first sleep. (Rae & Andre)

My new Casper is so great, I thought “now my boyfriend will want to spend every night at my place!” Instead, he got a Casper. (Lindsay)

There was a card in the box that said “You’re gonna need a new alarm clock”. Cute, right? Well, I overslept the first THREE days. No kidding. (Jen)

I never had a problem being late for work in the morning… until now. (Colin)

Try it for yourself… it will change your DNA! (Danny)

Unwrapping our Casper… was like Christmas… but in August. (Amanda).

I look forward to bed every night and I am the quintessential night owl. (Jon)

It was like magic coming out of the box. (Les)

Leaves a world traveller aching for home. We actually wish we were back at home, in our blissfully comfortable bed, rather than on our island paradise of choice. (Elisabeth)

It’s a unicorn! (Chris & Mary)











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