Nap Tour Stop: Philadelphia

By Alyse Borkan  |  Oct 6, 2015
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Ah, Philly. From the second we arrived you brought us the brotherly love, and we brought you the naps.

We had our most memorable arrival yet, greeted by some pretty wet and windy conditions thanks to Hurricane Joaquin. To warm up, we stopped at Jim’s to fill up on the famous classic Philly cheesesteak. Energized and ready to go, we swung by the Liberty Bell to take a few snaps. Because we’d been on the road so long, we decided to get in a little exercise and sprint up the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps (there are 72, to be exact), which were the very same ones on which Sylvester Stallone trained in Rocky. We can’t claim that we were as fast, but we’re betting we could have done better with “Eye of The Tiger” playing…

By late afternoon, all that activity had us ready for nap time (as usual), and the people of Philly agreed. With the Midtown Village Fall Festival happening, people were bundled up braving the cold weather and celebrating the start of fall, no matter how rough of a welcome it was! Many were excited to catch some cozy zzz’s in the napmobile, and stay out of the cold. A big thanks to the Philadelphians for taking a nap with us.

And the road trip continues! Next stop? Nashville.


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