Own Your Bed Head

By Alyse Borkan  |  Nov 25, 2014
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Sleeping through your alarm is bad enough. Add in an early meeting, a mild hangover, and an ugly case of bed head, and you have a recipe for daylight disaster.

While we can’t help you get to work on time, we did reach out to some awesome style and beauty bloggers for bed head tips!

“Temperature is your very best friend. I keep the air conditioner on 68-70 to help combat night sweats. I keep the windows closed if it’s raining, hot, or muggy outside — the humidity gets sucked right into my room and kills any body my hair has.” — Lauren Mechelle 

“Ladies: wear your hair in a braid. This is like just sleeping with a ponytail or putting it up with a scrunchie, except that when you wake up you’ll have pretty curls framing your sleepy face when you loosen it out.” — Kaith 

“Take your favorite frizz tamer or your favorite oil and rub it into your hair before bed, then cover your head with a satin cap. This will give your hair a nice a little overnight treatment.” — Arianna

“The 7 minute rule is one I’ve always followed when it comes to using my hair products. Once you’ve woken up and begun to tackle the bed head you are inevitably going to have to use some form of hair product. The trick is whatever oil or mouse or magical potion you use is to leave it in your hair for 7 minutes before creating your style. That way it has a chance to do its thing and makes your hair more manageable.” — Becky

“I love using bandannas as hair bands! To get great hair, tie the bandanna around like a head band, and let your hair down.” — Amourtera

“Brush your hair thoroughly each night to remove any knots or tangles that might be in there. The longer you leave a knot in your hair, the more matted it’ll become, so brush that sucker out before you hit the hay!” — Maisie

“Once you towel dry, add a curl enhancing cream.  I had no idea about this, but voila! Beachy, no-fuss waves.” —Bella Lime

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