Why A Pillow Makes The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

By Katie Szymanski  |  Feb 9, 2017
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Gift shopping can be stressful, especially when it comes to picking out something special for Valentine’s Day. What can you give someone to show them how much you really care? Sure, heart-shaped chocolate and flowers are a nice gesture. But so generic. Giant teddy bears were cute… in 2012. A homemade card at least adds a personal touch.

Here’s why a Casper pillow is the perfect gift for your Valentine: 

1. They’ll use it every day.
You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. It’s the gift that keeps on snoozing.

2. There is no way they won’t love it.
Don’t worry about choosing the right size ring or trying to remember their favorite dessert (ice cream? cookie dough? gelato?). Everyone undeniably loves sleep.

3. It’ll be a conversation starter.
Take things to the next level in your relationship through pillow talk. Nothing will bring you closer than staying up late, chatting the night away.

4. They’ll think of you every time they go to sleep.
And when they wake up in the morning. Win, win.

5. Like your love, it will last.
Chocolates are gone within minutes, and flowers will wilt in a week.

6. It shows you are thoughtful.
You’ve heard how tired they are when you meet for dinner. You’ve taken their early morning meeting complaints into consideration. And you’re giving them something that will really improve their life.

7. You don’t have to sneak out to shop.
You can buy the Casper pillow from bed, and it will ship straight to your door.

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