Real World Recap: Bedisode 1, Skeleton Keys

By Alyse Borkan  |  Dec 22, 2014
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Seven attention seeking, trash talking, tequila shot taking twenty-somethings take on Chicago on the 30th season of The Real World. That much you know. But most viewers don’t realize that Casper is the real star the show. This season, the cast will be passing out, waking up, and making out on Caspers. And each week, we’ll bring you the recap you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet: everything that happens . . . in bed.

Tony and Sylvia get to the Real World house first and call dibs on the Casper beds. Don’t they know all the Caspers are created equally? Tony jokes that Sylvia’s bed is next to his so they can “combine beds later.” Romantic. Next time, MTV should get a Cal King.

When it’s time to really pick rooms (and beds), the group randomly chooses names out of a hat. As soon as they claim their sleep spots, Jason and Madison cut to the chase on their respective beds. Madison: “if you bring a girl back, it’s totally cool, just saying.” Madison wants you to know she is totally cool.

The group immediately starts partying — no surprise. Let’s fast forward. Nothing happens on the beds, so there’s nothing important to recap here.

Nicole gets a little too drunk a little too early, and Bruno carries her up to bed while the rest of the girls cheer. What a stud.

Violetta’s the next to go to bed. She was stirring up drama and the only way to keep her from screaming was to make sure she was sleeping. The bed saves the day. Way to go, Casper. Then Bruno checks on her in bed — bad idea. Violetta lifts her head from the pillow: “Do you want to cuddle? Because I’m not going to have sex with you ever.” Way harsh.

When the rest of the crew gets home from the club, we get some more “action” in bed. Sylvia avoids hooking up with Jason by going straight to her bed and passing out. Madison gets in bed, and Tony gives her a kiss goodnight.

Everyone sleeps — in their own beds.

The next morning at 6:30am sharp, the girls are a human alarm clock. Ugh, but everyone was sleeping so soundly in bed. “WAKEY WAKEY!” they screech. Tony cringes under the covers.

Violetta and Bruno recap the first night on the bed swing with a heart-to-heart. Blah, blah, blah. The only reason we even noticed this was because of the huge bed swing in the center of the house. Jason and Tony are next to hang on the bed. Jason tells Tony to take it slow with Madison. We bet they’ll be sharing a bed in the next episode.

Upstairs, Sylvia lays in bed and helps Bruno pick out an outfit. That’s when she discovers his teddy bear, Mr. Snuggledicks. Seems like the start of a real relationship.

Stay tuned. There’s sure to be even more drama in bed when the past comes knocking at their door: stalkers, estranged brothers, baby mamas, and exes. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you up-to-date on everything that happens beneath the sheets.

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