Real World Recap: Bedisode 11, Breaking Mad

By Alyse Borkan  |  Feb 26, 2015
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Seven attention seeking, trash talking, tequila shot taking twenty-somethings take on Chicago on the 30th season of The Real World. That much you know. But most viewers don’t realize that Casper is the real star the show. This season, the cast will be passing out, waking up, and making out on Caspers. And each week, we’ll bring you the recap you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet: everything that happens . . . in bed.

Rise and shine! The Real World girls decide to make the world’s worst alarm clock — pots and pans. They come banging into the guys’ room as soon as the sun comes up. At least all they all slept in pajamas. That could have been awkward.

When everyone finally makes it to the breakfast table, Madison decides it’s the right time to show everyone her mug shot. The only mug should be for coffee, and the only shot should be of espresso.

The guys get revenge on the girls’ wake up call by calling a prank war. They dress up in “camouflage” aka Tony puts the panda eye mask on. When the girls finally go to sleep, the guys barge into their bedroom and pour cold water and jello all over their beds. The girls jump out and run after them. Tony learned the hard way that the panda eye mask should be used exclusively for sleeping.

Violetta sees a new Casper being taken into the house. “OH MOTHER F…” Is she excited about the mattress, or scared of another skeleton? We hope for the former!

real world

She follows the crew as they bring the frame and Casper upstairs to one of the bedrooms, cursing the whole way up. Madison wakes up in her bed to find the new bed only a few feet away. “Are you kidding me?” She thinks it’s for her skeleton to sleep on.

The group gathers around to discuss the new Casper. “Did they put the bed in there just to f*ck with us?” But then Madison’s sister arrives. Seems like they’re off to a good start with giggly girl talk in bed.

Tony and Jason head to the club, where Tony goes up to every girl asking if they’ll sleep with him. He probably would have gotten better reactions if he told them how outrageously comfortable his bed is.

When they get back, Jason finds out his daughter was born. Everyone’s already sleeping, but Jason shouts: “Wake the f*ck up. Taylor was born today.” Jason goes around to each bed, giving everyone a hug in their pajamas (except Nicole who wasn’t wearing any).

A few nights later, Madison and her sister are sleeping when the guys decide to prank them. They take two Caspers and a bed frame to block the door to their room. When Madison gets up for a midnight snack, she realizes she’s trapped in a mattress fort!

The next morning they wake up, and Madison’s sister leaves. Madison immediately gets back in bed. She’s hiding her feelings under the covers.

Jason goes home to North Carolina to see his daughter, and brings the guys with him. When he finally meets her — she’s sleeping, of course. They videochat with the girls back at the house, but she just yawns. Someone get that baby a Casper.

When Tony gets back from North Carolina, Madison gets a special delivery of flowers straight to her bed. Looks like someone other than Tony wants to sleep with her. Stay tuned to see if the secret admirer makes it to her mattress next week.
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